A tour of the plot, 18th June

You’ve got to love this time year in the garden – all the hard work through spring starts to really pay off with some great harvests (strawberries, peas, broad beans, shallots, spring onions, beetroot, salad, herbs in our case), and there’s something new to look at everyday with new blooms appearing in a constant succession. There’s still jobs to be done, and I’m as guilty as anyone of rushing around never taking the time to sit and enjoy the garden in this peak time…. For that reason I’ve been enjoying taking part in Friends Of The Earth’s Great British Bee Count – download the app to do a timed bee count and you have the perfect excuse to sit down for a few minutes doing nothing but watching the bees work hard. That said, at this time of year I’m as likely to be found scoffing fresh strawberries and peas from the pod as I am doing weeding/sowing/planting/watering, and quite right too. Here’s a video I took last weekend to give a bit of a tour of the plot at this splendid time of year:


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