About Me


I’ve been growing my own fruit and veg since 2012, and took on my current allotment in March 2015. With help (sometimes willing, sometimes begrudging) from my partner Melissa, we cleared what was a typically weedy plot and constructed raised beds with bark-chip paths in between. We have always gardened organically, and have adopted a ‘no-dig’ approach by spreading a layer of compost annually which keeps down the weeds, helps retain moisture and encourages soil life to thrive (and thus, by extension, our plants). This blog is partly an attempt to channel some of my boundless enthusiasm for gardening into something that other like-minded gardeners might enjoy, and partly an attempt at giving long suffering Melissa a break from endless chats about soil, seedlings and pruning.

Please do interact, it’s great to hear how other people do things and there’s nothing like a bit of lively botanical debate at the weekend….